If you want to change the world,
you must first change the way you work

I'd love to show you a NEW WAY of working — that works beautifully for women.


How the “old way” of working is selling you short.

Are you working with half a brain?

"Do it right" or "shine your light?"

Becoming a Feminine Genious At Work.

Most of us think that hustling and muscling our way through is just “the way it is.”

But it’s not “the way.” It’s just the OLD WAY.

The “old way” of working leaves us depleted, disillusioned, hating on ourselves, and headed for a health crisis. Which sucks. And we can simply no longer afford it.

As it turns out, we don’t have to.

There is a NEW WAY of working that contributes to our energy, impact, and vitality. It lights us up, deepens our confidence, and brings us fully alive.  (And it works just as well as the “old way,” if not better).

I’ve been honing this NEW WAY of working for 16 years now, in my own life and biz, and with thousands of women worldwide, through client sessions, retreats, online programs, and my first book, Feminine Genius.

I can’t wait to rock your world with WHAT I’VE FOUND.

In this Feminine Genius At Work video training series, I’ll take you on a tour through:

• The “old way” of working
 — and why it sells you short, drains you, and requires so darn much effort.

• The “new way” of working — and why it is key to more clarity, joy, ease, and even income.

• A bunch of real-life women — and how working in this “new way” has helped them make a bigger impact in their work, be a better mama/friend/partner, value themselves deeply, and to know, no matter what life throws at them, “I’ve got this.”

And that’s just the FIRST video in the training series.

I have THREE MORE VIDEOS for you, where we’ll dive into things like:

• Why most women are working with only half a brain 
— and of course how you can tap into ALL of your smarts.

• How being an irrational, lazy slacker can actually help you do better work.

• How to transform jealousy of other women.

• How to quit being motivated by fear and worry — and trust yourself, even with the big, hairy decisions.

• How to take the success you’ve had in work and stretch it into other areas of your life — like love, health, your sex life, and personal satisfaction.

You’ll definitely want to watch all four.

Where should I send your videos?


I’m excited to show you how working in this NEW WAY can make your work (and love and life) richer, fuller, sweeter, and — dare I say — magical.

See you there!

LiYana Silver
Coach / Mentor / Author of Feminine Genius

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